7 08, 2018

“What does ‘going to scale’ mean in poor communities in South Africa?” – IBP-SA’s Albert van Zyl explains

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Albert van Zyl, Director of the International Budget Partnership (IBP) South Africa, recently wrote an article examining how progress goes to scale through activities undertaken by the organisation in South Africa.

29 01, 2018

The Social Audit Network Launches Documentary on the History of Social Auditing in South Africa

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A new documentary created by the Social Audit Network focuses on the journey of urban informal and rural communities and civil society organisations that have been conducting social audits since 2013. The piece explains how and why social audits started in South Africa, using footage from act Read more >

8 12, 2017

DOCUMENTARY: Social Audits in Low Income Communities Around SA

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A social audit is a public accountability tool used by communities and civil society organisations to evaluate service delivery with the aim of uncovering whether public expenditure matches up with service delivery outcomes experienced by communities. The methodology facilitates public partic Read more >