A new documentary created by the Social Audit Network focuses on the journey of urban informal and rural communities and civil society organisations that have been conducting social audits since 2013.

The piece explains how and why social audits started in South Africa, using footage from actual audits from across the country. It shows how residents can monitor the public spending and service delivery in their residential areas and hold government accountable where problems arise.

A social audit provides a way to build effective and meaningful public participation in poor and working-class communities by providing a means for the community to engage with the governance processes that affect their lives.This film documents the evolution of social audits in South Africa since 2013 and showcases the methodology as it is used by communities, with the support of civil society organisations.

The project was produced by Chronicle for the Social Audit Network, with support from the Open Society Foundation for South Africa. You can find out more about the Social Audit Network on their website or on their Facebook page.

Watch the documentary below: