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Programmatic Funding Priorities for 2019

JER will be considering expressions of interest that resonate well with its strategic focus areas for 2019, particularly rights-based advocacy initiatives that promote and defend:

  • An enabling environment for a strong and vibrant civil society, with an emphasis on safeguarding the democratic space, movement building, and the development of young leaders.
  • Socio-economic rights at a broader scale, including but not limited to the right to access quality healthcare and education, land and housing rights, social protection, and economic inclusion.
  • Access to justice and empowerment for marginalised groups, specifically focussed on LGBTI communities, sex workers, and refugees and migrants.
  • Criminal justice sector reform, supporting efforts that monitor police systems, focus on prosecutorial accountability, advocate for the independence and mandates of criminal justice institutions, and ensure pre-trial justice and dignified conditions of detention.
  • Legal empowerment initiatives, including the institutionalisation and sustainability of the community advice office sector.

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The IEA programme accepts EOIs that fit with our strategic focus areas, particularly rights-based advocacy initiatives that promote and defend:

  • The free flow of information: promoting access to publicly and privately held information.
  • The right of freedom of expression: strengthening public interest media and an independent state broadcaster.
  • Advancing the rights of assembly.
  • Promoting public- and private-sector accountability.
  • Effective oversight of the exercise of public power.
  • Effective oversight of the functioning of Chapter 9 institutions.
  • Effective oversight of the exercise of private power.

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Special note:

In 2019, we will continue to expand OSF-SA’s Private Sector Accountability Portfolio to support novel rights-based work that addresses the social and economic impact (both direct and indirect) of the private sector.

Key issues/projects/sectors that we will consider for 2019 include:

  • Human rights-conscious and transparent business practices, regulation, and oversight of the private sector in South Africa and in the region.
  • Business practices of key state-owned enterprises and external providers (sub-contracting) including the procurement transparency of essential services that benefit the majority of people.
  • Holding the private sector accountable to human rights standards.
  • Research, strategic litigation, and/or advocacy to strengthen accountability, and promote transformation and greater transparency in the private sector as envisioned in the Constitution, the National Development Plan (NDP) and/or other relevant sector codes or directives.