Thobeka, age 65 is an informal trader selling raw meat in Nyanga

Thobeka, age 65 is an informal trader selling raw meat in Nyanga, one of the oldest townships in Cape Town, with high rates of unemployment and the highest murder rate in South Africa. She has been trading here for nearly four decades and says there are very few customers now during a nationwide lockdown to limit the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), April 20, 2020.” (Photo by Sumaya Hisham)

Covid Stories – Submit a proposal for a R50 000 short film grant

Storytelling through film is a powerful tool to showcase local creative talent while raising awareness around society’s most pressing needs, to educate and to encourage action.

We’re inviting proposals for three grants of R50 000 each, for the production of Covid Stories, 3-5 minute documentary short films.

Through the Covid Stories documentary short film grants, OSF-SA seeks to help raise awareness around COVID-19 safety and prevention measures, while highlighting the impact that the pandemic has had on people’s everyday lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in countless untold stories of the personal, economic and social impacts of COVID-19. These are stories of personal loss, loss of opportunities, domestic violence and the burden of care, but also of adaptability, resilience, hope and the promise of new beginnings.

What’s your story?

Grant proposals must be for original short films of no more than 5 minutes in length. Proposals will be assessed in terms of the relevance to themes related to the Covid-19 pandemic, originality of the story, artistic approach and the quality of previous work.

To submit a proposal for a R50 000 documentary short film grant, please visit Covid Stories filmmaking grants  for more information, or email

Deadline: 19 March 2021