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OSF-SA Launches the 2nd Edition of “In Good Company?”

OSF-SA Launches the Second Edition of “In Good Company?” Conversations Around Transparency and Accountability in South Africa’s Extractive Sector

Community opposition to multinational as well as locally-led mining projects is perhaps as old as mining itself. Ecological degradation, air and water pollution, the decimation of cultural heritage, a negative impact on agricultural production, resource looting, physical displacement and land loss are some of the reasons for opposition to mining activities. While the extractive sector has historically contributed significantly to economic development, the negative social and environmental impact of such operations are now emerging through documented evidence.

As with the first edition of In Good Company? published in 2015, our second edition is a platform for sharing varied perspectives on South Africa’s extractive sector, particularly mining. In this edition of the publication, we benefit from the insights of highly regarded authors who, over decades, have worked on issues related to mining sustainability and governance.

The twelve articles cover a range of issues including the externalisation of environmental costs, waste management, systematic exclusion of affected communities from decision-making processes, the role of mining in local economic development, challenges with the social and labour plan system, access to information, and how mechanisation will impact the industry.

We hope that this work will go some way in contributing to a solid body of knowledge regarding the management of the extractive sector in South Africa, and assist the government and mining affected communities in their quest for sustainable extraction for the benefit of the country, as envisaged in the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act.

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OSF Mining In Good Company II
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