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Justice, Equality and Rights Programme

Justice, Equality and Rights Programme


Hermine Engel (Programme Manager)
Lorenzo Wakefield (Senior Programme Officer)
Dimitri Selibas (Programme Officer)

This programme seeks to promote equal access to responsive and independent justice mechanisms, and to support the realisation of socio-economic rights through a vibrant and transformed civil society, with a particular focus on supporting people living in poverty and marginalised groups.

The strategic focus areas for this programme include the following:

  1. Criminal Justice Sector Reform:

Supporting efforts that monitor police systems and hold police and criminal justice institutions accountable; advocate for the independence and mandates of criminal justice institutions; and ensure pre-trial justice and dignified conditions of detention.

  1. Access to Justice for marginalised groups:

Supporting efforts that advocate and litigate towards the decriminalisation of sex work; provide access to justice services and engage in advocacy in support of LGBT communities, sex workers, and refugees & migrants.

  1. Legal Empowerment:

Supporting projects that promote the institutionalisation, scaling and financial sustainability of the community advice office sector; and supporting organisations that advance the legal empowerment of all marginalised groups including women and people living in poverty from a community activism perspective.

  1. Challenging the health establishment to advance human rights:

Supporting efforts aimed at ensuring the right to access quality healthcare. This includes policy advocacy and accountability initiatives focusing on facilities infrastructure; policy making and financing for rural health; access to essential medicines; and occupational diseases affecting mineworkers.

  1. Promoting the universal right to basic education:

Supporting efforts that ensure the right to access quality and affordable basic education in South Africa through policy advocacy and accountability initiatives.

  1. Promoting an enabling environment for an active and vibrant civil society:

Supporting emerging rights-based civil society organisations and movement building with a focus on the development of young leaders, including the next generation of public interest lawyers.

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