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Funding Cycles

Dates for 2018 Funding Cycles

OSF-SA grant cycle dates 2017

Programmatic Funding Priorities for 2018

OSF- SA has two thematic programmes, which are:

  1. Justice, Equality and Rights
  2. Information, Expression and Accountability

Expressions of Interest received will be assessed for the strength of alignment with each programmes focus.

Programme focus

  1. The Justice, Equality and Rights programme (JER)

JER will be considering expressions of interest that resonate well with its strategic focus areas for 2018, particularly rights-based advocacy initiatives that promote and defend:

  • an enabling environment for a strong and vibrant civil society, with an emphasis on safeguarding the democratic space, movement building and the development of young leaders.
  • socio-economic rights at a broader scale, including but not limited to the right to access quality healthcare and education, land and housing rights, social protection, and economic inclusion.
  • access to justice and empowerment for marginalised groups specifically focussed on LGBTI communities, sex workers, and refugees & migrants.
  • criminal justice sector reform, supporting efforts that monitor police systems, focus on prosecutorial accountability; advocate for the independence and mandates of criminal justice institutions; and ensure pre-trial justice and dignified conditions of detention.
  • legal empowerment initiatives, including the institutionalisation and sustainability of the community advice office sector.
  1. Information, Expression and Accountability (IEA)

The IEA programme accepts EOIs that fit with our strategic focus areas, particularly rights-based advocacy initiatives that promote and defend:

  • The Free Flow of Information: Promoting access to publicly and privately held information.
  • The Right of Freedom of Expression: Strengthening public interest media and an independent state broadcaster; Advancing the rights of assembly.
  • Promoting Public- and Private-Sector Accountability:
  • Effective oversight of the exercise of public power
  • Effective oversight of the functioning of Chapter 9 institutions
  • Effective oversight of the exercise of private power

Special Note:

In 2018, we will continue to expand OSF-SA’s Private Sector Accountability Portfolio to support novel rights-based work on addressing the social and economic impact (both direct and indirect) of the private sector.

Key issues/projects/sectors that we will consider for 2018 include:

  • Human rights conscious and transparent business practices, regulation and oversight of the private sector in South Africa and in the region.
  • Business practices of key state-owned enterprises and external providers (sub-contracting) including procurement transparency of essential services that benefit the majority of people.
  • Holding the private sector accountable to human rights standards.
  • Research, strategic litigation and/or advocacy to strengthen accountability, promote transformation and greater transparency in the private sector as envisioned in the Constitution, the National Development Plan (NDP) and / or other relevant sector codes or directives.
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