OSF-SA has adjusted its grant cycles. In 2019 OSF-SA will have one open call for Expressions of Interest, that will be open to any eligible organisation OR any organisation that has received funding for 1 year or less. This process will open in mid-February 2019.

If your organisation is a returning grantee and has received 2 or more years of consecutive funding, your organisation will be asked to submit a full online application. Your organisation will be contacted directly by OSF-SA.

Before considering applying for funding from OSF-SA, please take some time to familiarise yourself with our strategic grant-making focus areas, selection criteria, grant cycles and grant-making process.

Due to the sectors request that we issue multi-year grants to existing grantee organisations to provide long-term sustainable support, coupled with a shift in our strategic focus areas we will limit the number of new applicants that we will consider in 2019 (and also in 2020).

No applications for funding will be considered outside of this process.

If you still have any questions about what this means for your organisation and its existing grant, we encourage you to speak to the programme officer that manages your grant or contact our Grant Support Unit (GSU) at

For a full list of organisations funded by OSF-SA, please see

New Organisation / New Applicant funded for 1 year or less:

New and interested organisations that are not currently funded by OSF-SA, or only for 1 year or less, and who have new and innovative project proposals will still be encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) to OSF-SA, through a dedicated EoI call that we will publicly release by mid-February 2019 on our website, and which will remain open until 10 April 2019. This will also ensure that we remain committed to the principle of ‘open calls’ so that anyone in South Africa can apply to OSF-SA for funding support. Returning grantees who have been funded for at least 2 consecutive years are not eligible to use the 2019 open call but are encouraged to propose any new ideas or projects in their overall application to OSF-SA for support.

Our Programme Team will review all EoI’s and shortlisted organisations will be invited to apply with a detailed budget that will be considered by end 2019.

Returning Grantees (2+ years of consecutive funding)

Returning grantees who have received funding for at least two consecutive years through a formal grant cycle and whose grant period comes to an end in any month in 2019, will be automatically invited to proceed with submitting an application with a detailed budget, for review in 2019:

Applications will be reviewed by April 2019 and/or September 2019 depending on the end date of the applicable Grant. This means that all eligible returning grantees for the year 2019 will not be required to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) and will be able to proceed immediately to step two in our normal grant application process, that is, proceeding to submit a full application.

Important Dates

  1. For returning grantees in the first OSF-SA grant cycle for 2019 (April) the deadline for completing the application is 10 December 2018. Site visits will be held from January – February 2019.
  2. For returning grantees in the second OSF-SA grant cycle for 2019 (September) the deadline for completing the application is 10 April 2019. Site visits will be held from June – July 2019.

Application Process

New organisation/grantees funded for 1 year or less: The application process has multiple phases, beginning with the submission of an Expression of Interest (EoI). If your EoI is accepted, you will be invited to submit a full application and participate in a site visit.

Returning Grantees (that have received 2+ years of funding): Will be invited to submit a full application and participate in a site visit. OSF-SA will contact returning grantees directly. You are not required to submit an EoI.

Our ordinary due diligence requirements including site visits, and conflict of interest policy requirements and OSF-SA Board approval processes will not be altered.

Funding Cycles and Important Dates

Programmatic Funding Priorities for 2019

OSF- SA has two thematic programmes:

  • Justice, Equality, and Rights, and
  • Information, Expression, and Accountability.

Expressions of Interests (EOIs) received will be assessed based on the strength of their alignment with each programmes’ focus, in addition to meeting OSF-SA assessment and eligibility criteria. Click here to learn more.

Eligibility and Assessment Criteria

OSF-SA EOI/Application and Reporting Templates and Useful Information

OSF-SA uses an online Expression of Interest (EOI) / Application system. During the application process, you will be asked to upload additional information which must be provided on OSF-SA’s templates. Click here for more information.


Unsure? Have a question? Please visit our FAQ page.

Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)

Open/Special Calls

From time to time, OSF-SA may issue a special call for issue or theme specific applications and proposals. For current open calls please click here.